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On December 11th, 2010, I went on what I consider to be one of the best dates I’ve EVER been on. I’m dating a guy who’s just as nerdy as I am, and he caught wind of a workshop that OmniCorp Detroit was putting on at their space in Eastern Market. The group was really welcoming, and they’re always looking for members. So, if you want to be part of a hacker space with a TON of space that’s also pretty swanky, check them out!

The workshop was called Frankencritters. We learned some sewing techniques (well, Cary did, I fiddled with thread and fabric until we were let loose on the critters and scrap fabric), as well as soldering and how to make a small circuit to make working LED lights for our critters eyes! I had a blast, and was really delighted with how mine turned out!

Meet zombie bunny Zack. He has glowing LED lights, and has a mouth full of mini-Beanie Baby puppy intestines!

I saw his little cute carcass and had to make him a little gruesome! I gave him new stuffing, sewed in new fabric for his ears (a black flannel with red stripes), used black embroidery thread to give him a nose job (pink was just unacceptable), and gave the puppy some x’s for eyes. The intestines were part of a scarf that I tore apart and stuffed into the ripped open seam in the puppy’s back. Eventually I want to insert a little wire in the ear that flops in the front to perk it up, like a zombie already searching for his next stuffed victim!

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